Profumi e Parole – Who I am –

I think it happened in a very short second, I saw colors, letters, pages and pictures.

It was maybe the smell coming with intensity, or maybe that colors, which always make me feel at home. Because we must be honest with ourselves, as when we prepare something in the kitchen.

The first ingredient is the love for every single grain of salt, followed by the esteem for every movement and by the attention for what our being reflects.

So, is really this the road we have to follow to express at most what we’ve got inside us.


But what kind of ingredients do we need?

First of all, check to have the right space and time. Space, of course… ‘cause we need kilos, not grams.


For the dough:

–       11 Kg. of initiative
–       10 Kg. of fantasy in the kitchen
–       3 Kg. of toughts
–       7 Kg. of ideas not mixed each others
–       5 Kg. of shaked ideas
–       4 Kg. of experiments

 For the stuffing: 

–       5 Kg. of pleasure
–       5 Kg. of satisfaction
–       6 Kg. of attention to details
–       7 Kg. of secret ingredients

a pinch of anxiety and wait

pride -to taste

a digital or analogic camera

light heartedness -to taste

patience as desired.

Prepare a balanced stuffing and mix as well ideas with others ingredients. Leave it sleeping. Prepare the dough, more simple, and pay attention: don’t forget any kind of ingredient.

 – Ask for help! So, the research for the man or the woman, who’ll stay at your side to create something special, is fundamental. You’ll need someone strong. He (or she) won’t be influenced by the ingredients. He’ll stay at your side, and you at his, when you prepare a recipe, when you travel… There’s Paolo for me.-

Put it in the oven for 24 years.

For who doesn’t have any time or space.

 Let’s do the presentation. My name is Greta Ceresini, I’m 24 and my passions are food, photography and travels. I live in Emilia-Romagna, Piacenza, and between a “tortello” and other one, I try to steal the food secrets of my family, and not only.

Mum, Dad, grandpas, and so on others mums, from Ligurian to Parmesan hinterland, with some secrets from Monza, Caserta and Puglia.

The graduation in foreign languages is very close and I love having the possibility to live and work with Italian, German and English.

Paolo is my life (and travel) partner.

 2014, January: is the start-point of this my new experience.

 To contact me, please write to:



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