Artichoke hearts and ricotta pie. Mine.

It was afternoon and I remember I didn’t know what to do at that time; empty hours’ thoughts, as it doesn’t happen from a long time. Coming back four or five years ago and seeing me in the kitchen with artichokes. We watch each others. A ridiculous picture, I know.

But exactly in that empty afternoon my “Artichoke hearts Pie” was born from my fantasy, so we tasted it and like it so much. It’s for me my masterpiece in the kitchen, which never disappoints the expectations and it’s good and simple, but not casual.


It’s the pie, which calls my parent’s protest: “Is it possible, that you do this pie only for friends and we taste only a piece?”It’s the pie for parties, events, family lunches and summer brunches.

It’s always a certainty.

I would have presented this pie on 16th March, but I hadn’t enough time.

Why 16th March? I explain you soon.

I love artichokes, so, while I was surfing on the net, I discovered, that they have a National Day in the USA! Did you know that?

The National Artichoke Hearts Day”

-As good as illegal- it was decided in 1920 in New York: the artichoke hearts were banned for a week to fight the prices cheats.

So, we celebrate the artichoke heart liberation with this fabulous pie!

“Artichoke hearts and ricotta Pie”


-   400 g. of artichoke hearts
-   2 cloves of garlic
-   1 big slice of ham (200 g.) to cut in cubes
-   450g. of ricotta cheese (soft white italian cheese)
-   Parmesan cheese to your heart’s content
-   1 egg
-   olive oil
-   pepper
-   salt
-   2 forms of shortcrust pastry (Brisèe)
-   Fontina cheese (or cheddar cheese)


–   Put the olive oil in a pan and put 2 cloves of garlic in it. After few minutes, add the artichoke hearts and a pinch of salt and cook it with some water. Cut the ham in cubes and add it in the pan, remove the garlic. When cooked, cut the artichoke hearts.

–   Prepare the stuffing: put ricotta cheese, egg and Parmesan in a bowl. After few minutes, add the artichoke hearts and the cubes of ham; after that, oil, pepper and salt.


–   Take the first form of stortcrust pastry and put it on the baking tin, then pierce it with a fork. Cut Fontina cheese and put the pieces on the pastry, then add the filling on them and level it. Put the second form of shortcrust pastry on the filling; cut the exceed pastry and roll up the two forms. Pierce it and put in the oven at 170° for about 40 minutes.



–   Check the pie and pierce it sometimes. When the pastry will be baked, take off the cake and serve it when it’s lukewarm.



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