The Gnocchi Season

Does it exist?

Impossible. It’s always the right season for a plate of Gnocchi, every day is a good day for a good plate of Gnocchi.

“It’s too hot for them, isn’t it?” NO. Never.

Another question is how can I do these and how many ingredients do I need, so the recipe.


Trust me, it doesn’t exist an easiest recipe:




I don’t need egg, ‘cause I love the simplicity and the real tastes.

And what about the sauce? Or Pesto?

10171122_1437265526517491_855884070069152523_nGnocchi with sausage’s sauce

This is the first “Fast Recipe” of Profumi e Parole. Little ingredients and easy, fast and great recipes!

 Gnocchi – Fast Recipe n°1

Ingredients for:    4 people

- 1 kg. of potatoes
- 300 g. of flour
- salt


  • Boil the potatoes and drain them when they’re soft; then peel and mash them with a potato-masher or a fork. Add the flour and the salt.
  • Mix the ingredients and knead until the mixture is smooth and compact.
  • Cut a piece of dough, form a strip and round it, then cut into pieces.
  • Take a fork with flour and roll all the pieces of dough on it.
  • Dress Gnocchi with your favourite sauce.

 I wait for your photos!





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