Aljezur – Short story of a hidden place in Portugal


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The Gnocchi Season

Does it exist?

Impossible. It’s always the right season for a plate of Gnocchi, every day is a good day for a good plate of Gnocchi.

“It’s too hot for them, isn’t it?” NO. Never.

Another question is how can I do these and how many ingredients do I need, so the recipe.


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Artichoke hearts and ricotta pie. Mine.

It was afternoon and I remember I didn’t know what to do at that time; empty hours’ thoughts, as it doesn’t happen from a long time. Coming back four or five years ago and seeing me in the kitchen with artichokes. We watch each others. A ridiculous picture, I know.

But exactly in that empty afternoon my “Artichoke hearts Pie” was born from my fantasy, so we tasted it and like it so much. It’s for me my masterpiece in the kitchen, which never disappoints the expectations and it’s good and simple, but not casual.


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Profumi e Parole – Who I am –

I think it happened in a very short second, I saw colors, letters, pages and pictures.

It was maybe the smell coming with intensity, or maybe that colors, which always make me feel at home. Because we must be honest with ourselves, as when we prepare something in the kitchen.

The first ingredient is the love for every single grain of salt, followed by the esteem for every movement and by the attention for what our being reflects.

So, is really this the road we have to follow to express at most what we’ve got inside us.


But what kind of ingredients do we need?

First of all, check to have Continua a leggere